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Internet Explorer 9 problem
  • Hello,

    I'm new uploadify user...It seems to be well written to me, so I found it some usage. Apparently I'm having problem with IE 9. Button doesn't show up properly and the file browsers doesnt start either. When I debuged the script it didin't tell me anything useful aswell. My script is very basic(no functions or so..just auto uploader with button outfit defines and so). It works well with FF4, Opera & Chrome.

    -e- I'm using beta release

  • Sometimes there are issues if you don't enclose the option names with quotes. It works with me in IE9. It sounds like the issue is in the JS. Maybe a missing mark somewhere like a commma after a line? Please post your code so I can see.
  • Hey Ronnie,

    Glad you made a response. I just came here to notify that my problem was Flash Player. I just updated it and uploader works just fine :)
  • Perfect. I'm glad you got it working.
  • for someone else inernet explorer had some problème with flash and the html input text so for this one add style="visibility:hidden;" to the input texte and then make it simple to ie9 !! i luv chrome :p
  • Can anyone provide some working example code for IE9? I've got my flash updated and have applied all the fixes mentioned here, but while IE9 is loading the object fine it ends up appearing in an upper corner of the page, can't be clicked on, and it flickers and disappears when you scroll up and down.

    It seems a lot of javascript is broken in IE9 though, even the ads on the MSN home page were getting messed up.
  • IE9 has a lot of Javascript issues. It's less usable than IE8. One big issue with IE9 is that jQuery won't work entirely because there is a getElementsByTagName bug. IE9 is the suck.
  • I had the same issue on IE 9 -- the upload button was not showing. Updating Flash did the trick. Thanks!
  • I had the same issue on IE9,the upload button was show but I can't clicked it in IE9,firefox and chrome can work and the js code was only common attributes,I can't find the issue.

  • I had the same issue on IE 9 and I do update Flash that work! Thanks!
  • Please check this post.
    You can get a patched version of jquery.uploadify.js (v.3.1) based on the previous post here