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This forum is a community forum meant for users of the plugin to collaborate and help solve issues with implementation, etc. Unfortunately, as the creator of the plugin, I do not have much time to attend to every request here as this is only a side project and I must work a full-time job to provide for my family. This is how I keep the Flash version free and the HTML5 version low cost.
Lost Uploaded Files
  • Everything is running fine except my files are nowhere to be found after upload, the upload folder has the correct permissions. I even created a simple website with just the uploadify code and folders and I still can't get the files to upload to my designated folder which is defined the exact way as in the documentation....

    $(document).ready(function() {
    'uploader' : '/uploadify/uploadify.swf',
    'script' : '/uploadify/uploadify.php',
    'cancelImg' : '/uploadify/cancel.png',
    'folder' : '/uploads',
    'auto' : true
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