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This forum is a community forum meant for users of the plugin to collaborate and help solve issues with implementation, etc. Unfortunately, as the creator of the plugin, I do not have much time to attend to every request here as this is only a side project and I must work a full-time job to provide for my family. This is how I keep the Flash version free and the HTML5 version low cost.
  • I have found a HUGE issue with uploadify. Everything seems to be working like a dream, perfectly might I add... Until I realized that user id's were not coming through.

    After further investigation, I quickly realized that Cookies are NOT being sent to the server, which are REQUIRED for authorization in my CMS. My guess is because of flash? Is there any way to pass browser cookies with the upload? If there isn't, I will have to abandon uploadify for another solution.
  • Never mind.


    Guess I'll have to pass the cookies to script, and have them inserted into the $_COOKIE array for the implementation.
  • From what I've noticed, there is no way to send POST data or COOKIES, I'm going to open a feature request thread with these.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.