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This forum is a community forum meant for users of the plugin to collaborate and help solve issues with implementation, etc. Unfortunately, as the creator of the plugin, I do not have much time to attend to every request here as this is only a side project and I must work a full-time job to provide for my family. This is how I keep the Flash version free and the HTML5 version low cost.
Pressing button to select file on Firefox brings up Firefox Add-ons?!
  • I somehow doubt this is an uploadify issue, as I've had no problems with the implementation working on IE8, IE7, Chrome, and Firefox on at least 3 other installations, but there is 1 user which is seeing this issue. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the flash plug-in, as it would seem to be an issue there. Any ideas on debugging this one? Thanks beforehand for any help.
  • Found a workaround :
    I initially uninstalled/reinstalled the flash plug-in, to no avail. Then uninstalled/reinstalled firefox, to no avail. Finally, uninstalling both firefox & the flash plugin, then installing firefox, then the plug-in caused the issue to go away.

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