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onMouseOver - onMouseOut
  • hi,
    first I want to thank the developper for its great work on this plugin..marvelous. Then i want to apologize for my poor english :roll:
    Well here is my question :
    I want to customize the button of the uploadify object, not using an image but a div. I have so used the documented technic, "wmode" to "transparent" and "hide" to true and positionned my div on the hidden flash button (well in fact it is positionned below because of the wmode). It works well.
    But now I want a "OnMouseOver" effect on my div. The problem is that if i write that :

    $("#MyUploadifyFlashobject").mouseover(function(){...change target div style here...}); the event is never fired :(

    So I have thought about another way to handle the problem :
    place the div above (z-index = 10023 for ex) the flash object and add onmouseover on it (on the div). It works well for changing the style, but if I click on the div the select file box is not shown (because the flash object doesn t recieve the onclick event of course). So I add :

    ... with no success :(

    So I m out of idea now...Does someone has a solution to my problem ?

    Thanks for your help
    Best Regards
  • bad...
    The first method seems to be the good one but the event binding has to be done not in $ready() function but in body.onLoad (so later) because in the $ready function timeframe, the flash object is not loaded and that is messing the event binding.

    Hope this will help someone.
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