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Image resize before upload
  • Hello all,

    Today, the problem with the photos upload is the size of them (about 3-4 Mo per photo) and the bandwidth consumption.

    I've find a Flash file upload wich is able to resize the picture on client-side before uploading ! You can see the demo AND THE SOURCE at

    If you can add the resizing feature to Uploadify, I'm sure it will be very famous !! And it will kill the Java plugin that you can see on Facebook for example.

    I hope you can do it,


  • While that sounds like a cool feature, my main goals is to keep Uploadify lean and avoid bloat. The customization features I've included should give people a good foundation for adding features on their own like the one you suggested. Thanks for the suggestion.
  • I've found the flash code needed to do this feature at

    Please is it possible to get the Uploadify FLA source to try to add this feature ?

    Many thanks.
  • a really nice feature!!! :-) I hope there is anybody out there who could soon implement it.
  • Yes, in this day and age of large photos straight from the cam, the uploader that includes client side resizing will win. It's the responsible way to upload. Let the client do that work, saves on bandwidth, faster uploads, saves burden on the server. It's win-win. So many advantages. They certainly outweight "bloat" concerns.
  • Other Flash uploaders are doing (including plup), so it's possible in Flash 10. The only reason I'm posting here is because I use uploadify in a couple other places, though I'm not unwilling to replace if need be.