Triggered when an error is returned while selecting files.  This event is triggered for each file that returns an error.


  • file
    The file object that returned the error.
  • errorCode
    The error code that was returned.  The following constants can be used when determining the error code:
    • QUEUE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED – The number of files selected will push the size of the queue passed the limit that was set.
    • FILE_EXCEEDS_SIZE_LIMIT – The size of the file exceeds the limit that was set.
    • ZERO_BYTE_FILE – The file has no size.
    • INVALID_FILETYPE – The file type does not match the file type limitations that were set.
  • errorMsg
    The error message indicating the value of the limit that was exceeded.

*You can access a full error message using ‘this.queueData.errorMsg’ if you do not override the default event handler.