Implementing Uploadify

Uploadify was designed to make implementation as easy as possible. Before implementing, make sure you meet the minimum requirements.


  • jQuery 1.4.x or greater
  • Flash Player 9.0.24 or greater
  • A server capable of parsing PHP, ASP.Net, Cold Fusion, or similar server-side language


For the most basic implementation, follow the steps below:

1. Download the Uploadify Zip Package. It’s FREE!

2. Unzip the package and upload the following files into a folder on your website:

  • jquery.uploadify-3.1.min.js
  • uploadify.php
  • uploadify.swf
  • uploadify.css
  • uploadify-cancel.png
  • check-exists.php (to check for existing files in your destination folder)

3. On the page you are implementing Uploadify on, add a reference to the jQuery library.

4. Below the reference to jQuery, add a reference to the Uploadify script.

5. On the page, add a file input (or any other element with an ID works).

6. Initialize Uploadify on the file input.

7. Add a link to the Uploadify stylesheets in the head of the document.

8. Create the upload destination folder on your server and give it the proper permissions (0755 if you’re not sure).

9. Update your uploadify.php script to point to your destination folder.

10.Check out our article on Making Uploadify Secure to make your site more secure.

The final page should look like the following: